Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Drive-in Late-comers,

If it's not bad enough that you arrive after the start of the movie, why do you also feel that you are likely to find an empty spot in a row that is clearly already well-populated or that using your full headlights will help you see an otherwise hidden spot - seriously, parkers are fine at the speed you are driving and don't tend to blind the rest of the patrons.

Also, whether you are late or not, taking a spot in front of an established vehicle when your vehicle is bigger or just simply in the way is pretty damned rude. And, if you are rude/stupid enough to do this, don't get all huffy when someone nicely asks you to move. And, moving over one metre is pretty lame. Remember, at kids movies, there are usually kids present, and kids are short where you are old and fat (ok, yes, I am referring to a specific carload of people here). Think of the children!

A lover of fine entertainment presented under a star-lit sky

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