Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear TV Shows that frequently go on hiatis,

There will never be an explaination that I believe will sufficiently excuse TV shows going on mid-season breaks.

The excuse of rating seasons is absolutle piffle - the number of people who watch live television these days is fading into insignificance with websites (legitimate and otherwise) where shows can be streamed and downloaded, Tivo, FoxIQ, DVD records and the good ole VCR. I've never really had faith in the ratings systems anyway - and why is it when there is any type of holiday (be it one day public holidays or eight week Christmas breaks) tv stations no longer believe that anyone is watching tv at all?

Come to think of it, I really can't see why good shows can't stay on 52 weeks a year. They are written and filmed in blocks so the cast and crew would still get holidays (and significantly more than four week a year like us average joes) so why they can't just earn their money is simply beyond me.

And, while we're on the subject - canceling shows, especially mid-season, should be completely banned. Once a commitment is made, it should be seen through until the end. All cancelations do is prove how out of touch tv execs are with what people really want to watch - if they sign up something crap and no one watches it, they should be made to continue with it anyway and wear the loss.

One who still has heaps of downloads left this month but with no good shows left to watch.

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