Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Shoppers,

Please know that as you are walking through the shopping centre and you are overcome by an urge to stop suddenly and without warning in the middle of the thoroughfare, top of the escalators or, my favourite, two steps inside a doorway, it is very difficult for me to stop my heavily laden trolley with the cracked handle that is pinching my fingers, dinted frame and dodgy wheel quickly enough so it is more than likely that I will *accidentally* ram you, possibly several times, through no fault of my own.

Seriously, have a think about it. You are NOT the only person in the universe and there really is a social and cultural necessity to be aware of others in your immediate vicinity and take necessary precautions to move to an appropriate space out of the flow of traffic before you stop. Really, it's not rocket science.

Publicly Unliable

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Jen said...

omg, i just found this blog.
you are fugging hilarious!!

totally love it!

keep em coming