Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Male Cleaners,

While I truly appreciate effort on behalf of the shopping centre management to at least put up the illusion of their amenities being hygienic with the strategic obvious yet inconvenient dis(placement) of mops, buckets, spray bottles and other cleaning paraphernalia (including real people from time to time), I have to say I find it somewhat disconcerting to be using the facilities in the female toilets when I suddenly hear the sound of a decidedly male voice.

After a reassuring review of the absence of urinals in the memory of the scene as I entered the room and thereby confirming that I am not the one in the wrong place, one is then moved to contemplate why a male cleaner would feel it necessary or in any way appropriate to be holding a conversation in the ladies room.

Please, just slide your mop and bucket ineffectually around the floor then pack your 'cleaning in progress' sign (which is obviously not to be understood as being in any way literal) under your arm and leave as quickly as possible - or at least put on a high pitched voice in the event that you do have to say something so as not to upset the correctly gendered patrons.

Someone who is prepared to wait in the cubicle until she is sure you are gone in order to avoid the uncomfortable confrontation of eye contact between both parties.

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Jen said...

disturbing.... lol